Blossoms – O2 Victoria Warehouse – Manchester – Review

Blossoms Manchester Victoria Warehouse


O2 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

9th December 2018

Blossoms returned to their hometown of Manchester to play two shows at Victoria Warehouse. I went along to the latter of these shows and witnessed the Stockport pop-rockers playing to a sold out crowd of 5000 people and sending them all into a dancing swirl of amazement.

Beginning with hit ‘I can’t stand it’ was a great move by the band as they grasped the energy of the particularly excitable crowd at the very first instant of the show. Almost every song that was played was met with a belting vocal backing from the fans that filled the venue. That’s the great advantage to hometown shows I suppose, although Blossoms are a band that deserve more credit than that on this occasion.

Building up an early catalogue spanning two albums (their 2016 self-titled release and 2018s brilliant ‘Cool Like You’), Blossoms already have enough recognisable songs to perform a setlist that’s both relentlessly energetic and endorsed to constant hip-shaking.

The mob of fans bounced in unison to huge hits ‘Honey Sweet’ and ‘Getaway’ as Blossoms blew their way through an hour and half long set.

It’s fair to say the Victoria Warehouse faithful gave the band nothing but love, as singer Tom Ogden said “You know what, I think you were better” when comparing this night’s audience with the previous evening’s.

Blossoms showed some affection to other Manchester bands’ ‘The Smiths’ and ‘Oasis’ by playing snippets of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ and ‘Half The World Away’, as well as a full version of ‘Big Mouth Strikes Again’. It’s not as if this crowd needed any more encouragement but if you play these songs in Manchester people are going to get on shoulders and glide through the air. That’s just a fact that was once again proven here.

After this, the group launched into the mammoth track ‘Charlemagne’. Flares lit from within the crowd and the mostly youthful audience screamed out the lyrics at the top of their lungs for one last time, before exiting the venue and going off into the night.

Blossoms fired on all cylinders and gave a performance that was worth every dime of the ticket price. For now, we wait to see what the future holds for the Stockport-based five-piece, but they will surely remain a band on the up and up with performances like this.

Words and Photo by Jared Musson.

Jared Musson

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