Rival Sons – Feral Roots – Track Review

American rockers Rival Sons have released the soulful title track to their upcoming album ‘Feral Roots’.

The song is the third in line to be taken as a pre-album launch single and it’s certainly got a different flavour from both ‘Do Your Worst’ and ‘Back in the Woods’ that have come before it.

With a hefty run time of 5:55, this lengthy output doesn’t pack the hard-rocking wallop we’ve come to expect the band to deliver, but rather chooses to go down a calmer road.

Lyrically Jay Buchanan puts most of his focus on the chorus here as it is repeated many times throughout the song, and performs it with his usual stunning vocal force. However, it’s the verses that have my interests peaked as he explores the promises of his past and how they haven’t been kept.

“They said keep your eyes open, and we’ll teach you to dream while you are awake. Well they haven’t spoken”

The rest of the band deliver on all fronts as well. The varied guitar sections go from quiet to bombastic and transition from acoustic to electric. Stylistically this track points more towards the terrific ‘Head Down’ album than Rival Sons’ more recent releases.

With the three tracks we have access to so far, the soon to be released album looks to be having a variety of styles on it, which is something for fans of the band to look forward to as it could be quite the step towards a new direction for the group.

All in all it’s well worth a listen and another sign that the upcoming record is going to be worth the wait. Roll on January when we can finally get our hands on it.

Words by Jared Musson

Image sourced from Spotify

Jared Musson

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