Radiohead – Ill Wind – Track Review

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‘Ill Wind’ is a B-side from 2016s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, previously only accessible via a CD that was included in a special edition vinyl package. Now the band have finally released the song onto all available streaming platforms, so it can be heard by all fans of the band.

The sombre sounding song is more laid back and a little less complex than the tracks on the 2016 album. However, it wouldn’t have found itself out of place on ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ and the release of the track to the wider public is an addition that will be welcomed by fans of the alternative group.

Thom Yorke’s voice sounds as angelic as ever and has a powerful dreamy factor to it that draws you in as a listener. This fits into place perfectly with the overall sound of the track, that grows progressively darker in tone the longer it goes on.

The music fills out towards the mid-point of the song and creates a quite epic sounding instrumental section. Afterwards, as the vocal comes back into play, Thom’s voice goes from strength to strength. Mainly highlighted by the use of the song’s chorus, which is delivered in a way that leaves you with a little shiver upon first hearing it.

Not too much can be said on the lyrical side of things, simply because there’s a very limited amount of words within the song. Yorke’s writing feels quite close to the chest in this instance, singing about how he wishes he could say something that he can’t.

It’s more than fair to say that if you were a fan of the 2016 record, ‘Ill Wind’ will be right up your alley. This B-side sounds more like an extension of the album rather than something aiming to go in a completely new direction and is sure to come as a pleasing surprise to fans of the band.

You can hear the song on Spotify here.

All words by Jared Musson

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