Ryan Adams – Fuck The Rain – track review

ryan adams 'fuck the rain'

Prolific songwriter Ryan Adams is back with the official lead single to his upcoming album ‘Big Colours’. The song entitled ‘Fuck The Rain’ has you longing for summer with its chiming guitars and heartfelt lyrics.

Ryan spaces his vocal delivery out during the track, allowing the beauty of the uplifting music to really shine through. The ever-present drum fills keep the song alive while these vocal pauses are taken, meaning nothing ever seems out of place.

The acoustic guitars resonate and glide with the gentle flow of the verses and add an extra, bright layer to the effortless sounding vocals, that in-turn never try to outdo themselves.

This uplifting sound certainly isn’t something Ryan Adams’ work has always been associated with but, his signature moody vocals are matched with lyrical ideas that stay closer to home when compared to his past work.

The chorus walks hand in hand with the rest of the track and adds a playful side to it. As senseless as it may seem to read “Flowers for brains and permanent sunshine”, it ends up being exactly what the song needs and instead of foolishly trying to turn itself into some sort of ballad, it embraces its calm simplicity and wraps itself around it.

Even when singing lyrics, “Fuck the rain / All that pain”, Adams accomplishes a euphoric sound that paints the perfect sun-filled picture in the mind of the listener. Lyrically the song lets go of the past and looks towards and a brighter future and the music dreamily matches that emotion.

A star-studded quality is added through legendary guitarist John Mayer, who puts his stamp on the track in the form of a string-bending, bluesy solo. This soars its way through the latter part of the song and is the perfect way to help close it out.

Adams combines cheerful, melodic chord progressions with his trademark lyrical wisdom to achieve a much needed sound to get us all through the winter. ‘Big Colours’ is set to be released on 19th April.

Jared Musson

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