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Snow Patrol had been out of the limelight for quite some before releasing the brilliant ‘Wildness’ last year. That was their first record for seven years and with that drought, came the severe lack of live shows. Luckily, the band are back on the road and bring with them a show that’s worth every penny of the ticket price.

The thing that amazed me instantly were the visuals throughout the show. As soon as the band kicked into hit ‘Take Back The City’ to start the gig, a giant screen appeared behind them and displayed an animated movie of sorts. A new effect was added for every song that was played, which always kept me entertained as an audience member.

The setlist felt like a hits compilation and absolutely flew by. New tracks went over well with the large crowd but, as to be expected ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Run’ among a few others brought out the most excitement from the Arena attenders. The band pulled heavily from their most successful album ‘Eyes Open’, playing seven tracks from that record; this band are more than happy to give the fans what they want.

Front man Gary Lightbody was his joyous self throughout and added comedic quips in-between songs. He also admitted that he wasn’t sure the band would be able to return after such a long time out of the game but, the crowd showed their appreciation with constant support throughout the night.

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The stage design was fantastic and only added to the already impressive spectacle. At two points in the night a netting plunged down from the rafters and formed a cage around the stage. This created a stunning visual that illuminated the on-screen lighting and made a 3D effect around the stage. This stunning visual played host to a killer performance of the track ‘Lightning Strike’, which showed Snow Patrol can really rock out when they want to.

The band left the stage after a thunderous version of ‘You’re All I have’ and were met with screams of ‘MORE’. Lightbody and co finally returned to finish the show and claimed a much needed toilet trip was the reason for leaving for so long, rather than an atmosphere builder.

After returning they blessed the audience with a two-song encore, consisting of a beautiful rendition of ‘What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get’, where fans held up their phone lights to illuminate the arena. Lastly, pop-induced mega single ‘Just Say Yes’ was played and brought out one final roar from the crowd. A great night had by all; here’s to Snow Patrol hitting the road again, sooner rather than later.

All words and media by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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