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Foals Exits

Foals recapture their more intriguing, weirder side with new song ‘Exits’. The band are set to release two albums this year and the first single is proof that it could be a huge year for them.

This lengthy output clocks in at almost six minutes, but maintains the listener’s interest by keeping them guessing with the sound of the single. Right from the get-go the track mixes it up and travels down a few musical directions before settling on a clear sound. Starting off with piano, the track cuts after just a few seconds to a much funkier drum beat.

The vocals sound crisp and the production of the track makes it feel really modern and contemporary, while still grasping an air of mystery that keeps the listener entertained. It’s produced like a modern pop song, but the harsher sounding drums add a much-needed edge to the song.

The lyrics are likely a commentary on the state the world is currently in. They always sound exciting, thanks to the vigorous vocal delivery of the band’s lead singer. The words never get too serious for their own good though, and the track feels both fun and upbeat throughout; it’ll make for the perfect summer festival track this year.

If Foals are going to take this style with them on their upcoming projects, they’ll be enjoyable to listen to for sure. The song really does have a great groove and as singer Yannis Philippakis sings, “I wish I could figure it out, but the world’s upside down” you can’t help but want to dance. It’ll surely be a big player in future live sets thanks to this attribute.

This all adds up to give the track a feel-good element and that’s what’ll keep people coming back to the song.

Foals are going to be headlining multiple UK based festivals this year, and with two new albums on the way, this really could be the band’s biggest year yet.

Listen to ‘Exits’ here:

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All words by Jared Musson

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