Stereophonics – Chaos From The Top Down – track review

Stereophonics Chaos from the Top Down

‘Chaos from the Top Down’ is the latest song to be released by Welsh rockers Stereophonics. It tells the story of a fifteen-year-old boy that’s been shot down, but keeps the group’s traditional upbeat and optimistic sound intact instead of branching out and creating something different to what they have before.

Kelly Jones’ vocals sound brilliant, as they usually do and the band elevate as the track progresses, but you’re ultimately left wanting something different. It certainly isn’t Stereophonics reinventing the wheel, and they hardly try anything new here. The track is solid, but fans of the band must be longing for a stylistic change at this point.

The lyrics tell the narrative of the story well, and end up being the strongest part of the track. It’s clearly from the point of view of the fifteen-year-old and it sounds pleasing enough on the ears, though you’d think the band would have turned to some slightly darker tones and sounds to match the subject of the song.

It would have undoubtedly been more powerful to use some heavier, distorted guitars and brasher sounding drums to achieve a more emotional sound. It’d certainly be more fitting of the story the song tells so well through the use of it’s lyrics.

The band stick to the acoustic guitars and mid-tempo style they can’t seem to let go of. It’s not a completely underwhelming track, it just leaves you wanting something different as a fan of the group. If there’s an album to come later this year, let’s hope the band get a tad more experimental on some of the other tracks.

That isn’t to say the song is without merit though. Towards the end of the track the instrumentation builds up and reveals itself to have an exciting finale. Both this and the lyrics really make it worth a listen.

The production is solid and the flow of the song is entertaining enough to warrant a tapping foot, but it most definitely won’t be finding itself anywhere near the band’s big hitters of the past.

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