Foals – On The Luna – track review

Foals have us rushing to the nearest dancefloor with brand new single ‘On The Luna’.

This latest track, taken from the band’s upcoming record, is lively and colourful in both it’s sound and production. It feels very modern and slick in it’s execution. It’s the perfect candidate to be a frontrunner for indie-nightclubs around the country in 2019.

The track is vibrant and proves that Foals are a band with huge ambitions this year. The song achieves such an immaculate sound by layering up it’s different elements and pouring them on top of each other.

The guitars are punchy and sink right into the beat of the rocky drums, but never get drowned out by them. The vocals are clean as a whistle and walk hand in hand with everything else in the track, showing off Foals clear-to-see pop influences.

The lyrics featured on this song are fun and use a rhyming technique to stay catchy and poppy. Though there is a slight political standpoint on some of the lines, it keeps it’s lighthearted tone throughout.

This song shows the group aren’t just another rock band with longevity; Foals are back and really mean business in 2019, developing their sound and building upon what has come before it.

This band are going to be huge this year. With two new albums on the way, ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ parts one and two, there’s never been a better time to get into Foals.

Listen to the track here:

All words by Jared Musson
Image sourced from Spotify

Jared Musson

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