John Mayer – I Guess I Just Feel Like – track review

John Mayer - I Guess I Just Feel Like

John Mayer is back with a brand new single entitled ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like’. Fan’s are in for a treat because this is John Mayer at his lyrical best.

The track is gorgeous from both an instrumentation and vocal standpoint. The guitars sound tonally full and warm, and the vocals are crisp. This really is Mayer back at his very best, making the type of music that has earned him his legendary status.

The vocal delivery is incredibly well-suited to the song’s every need. They back up the lyrical output brilliantly, making you feel emotional and reflective as a listener; never more impressively so, than when Mayer sings, “If I go blind, I’ll still find my way”. This track is everything you could want from one of this generations most reliable songwriters, and so much more.

The song has a vintage feeling to it, ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like’ sounds of another time. Perhaps one that the song channels it’s lyrical subject from.

The words on this single shouldn’t be understated, they’re some of Mayer’s very best. It’s certainly John Mayer looking back into the past, commenting on the way things are for him now. This could connect with anyone and is sure to go down with fan’s as one of his classics.

Though the track is largely centred around the acoustic guitar, it doesn’t take too long for Mayer to put his trademark electric sound onto it. The guitar solo that stunningly finishes off the song roars with slight distortion and dreamy, bluesy, vintage-sounding bliss.

Truly one of the best songs to be released for quite some time and our pick for the best song of the year so far. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen now, you won’t be disappointed.

All words by Jared Musson, find him on Twitter here.

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