James Bay – Oh My Messy Mind – EP Review

James Bay

English singer-songwriter James Bay has returned to our speakers in the form of a brand new EP entitled ‘Peer Pressure’. Throughout the four-track item he delves deep into his trademark lyrical mastery, which includes a duet with Julia Michaels three further songs that show exactly how he continues to grow as an artist.

‘Peer Pressure’ will undoubtedly be the most successful of the tracks and it deserves every bit of credit it receives as it is certainly a catchy tune. Julia Michaels’ voice works wonderfully with that of Bay’s, making for an enjoyable, fresh sounding piece of music. However, the brilliance of this EP lies within it’s other tracks, such as ‘Bad’.

‘Bad’ is one of James Bay’s finest pieces of work to date. It shows off his lyrical prowess, feeding into the opinion many people share, that he is one of the best young British artists of this current generation. Bay shows off his falsetto vocal skills on the track, as well as his unstoppable power as a songwriter. This will fast become a fan-favourite and you can expect to hear it at any upcoming James Bay live show.

‘Break My Heart Right’ shares a similar feel to that of ‘Bad’. It’s pure heart-on-the-sleeve emotion that only a songwriter such as Bay can currently capture. The lyrics are emotional and powerful, performed with a tender vocal approach that succeeds in every aspect of it’s delivery.

‘Rescue’, the third song of the EP, will feel closer to home than the other tracks. This isn’t a negative aspect of the body of work however, as it manages to collide characteristics of Bay’s past work with a nod to the future. The production of the songs on this EP feel much closer to that of ‘Electric Light’ than ‘Chaos and the Calm’, being particularly evident on this song. It’s catchy and joyous, while sticking with the edge that keeps James apart from other artists around at this moment.

The EP has been unveiled as a surprise to fans; one that they will certainly be appreciative of. Here’s to the next full-length James Bay album.

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Jared Musson

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