Keith Urban – We Were – Track Review

Keith Urban

Keith Urban, an American songwriter that can’t seem to stop growing in popularity, particularly over recent years, is back with a new tune entitled ‘We Were’.

The song delivers on every front you could hope for when it comes to Urban. The lyrics are a flood of relationship-based emotions, looking back on the past with a glimmer in the eyes. The guitars, both acoustic and electric sound phenomenal; played to perfection, never over-complicating the multiple sections of the song or outstaying their welcome. Vocally Keith Urban sounds compelling, crafting his country-tinged stories in the form of song, as he so often has throughout his lengthy career.

Most importantly, the track is enjoyable and sounds very familiar to that of his recent work on albums ‘Graffiti U’ and ‘Ripcord’. The mid-pace of the song will keep the casual fan happy enough to see new work being released, while new listeners will get a taste of the kind of thing Urban delivers on so gracefully.

I can’t help but wish the guitars would rip roar a little louder, allowing Keith to show off his fantastic playing skills but that isn’t what ‘We Were’ required. Though, I hope to see that older side of this artist delved deeper into on future records.

The song is a nice surprise release and leaves me hopeful that a new album will be waiting right around the corner. For now, ‘We Were’ is a great look into how Keith Urban’s music style is constantly modernising itself.

Listen to the new song below:

All words by Jared Musson, find him on Twitter.


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