DJO – Roddy – track review

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Star of Stranger Things Joe Keery has taken on the alias ‘DJO’ and released his debut track ‘Roddy’. It has a swell, psychedelic pop vibe and is one of the best musical surprises so far this year.

Keery’s vocals are soft and soothing, playing up to the boyish style of so many new wave bands from the 80s. It fits perfectly with the vibrant guitar chimes that ring throughout the song. The vocal delivery is unique and quite frankly, brilliant. It’s as if two separate vocal lines are playing off of one another throughout the recording; one prominent and confident, while the other lingers in the background, sounding much more vulnerable.

The production of the track sounds modern and allows the instrumentation to stand out even further than it would have normally. The vocal isn’t overpowering but, it doesn’t get lost in everything else happening around it either. This actually aids Keery’s vocals and backs up his mellow sound.

Lyrically Keery proves himself to be a more than capable songwriter and on ‘Roddy’ he shows that he can pen all the right words for his vocal range. “There’s something wrong with this world”, wails Keery during the cosmic choruses.

Towards the latter stages of the recording, ‘Roddy’ feels as if it’s going down a different path with some spacier sounds, but an extremely groovy bass comes in to steal the show. This makes quite the finish to the track and leaves me ultimately intrigued to hear DJO’s future releases.

I cannot recommend this song enough and believe that if you’re yet to hear it, you need to do something about that right now and treat yourself to some fantastic new music.

All words by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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