Liam Gallagher – Once – track review

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Liam Gallagher has released another track from his upcoming second solo record. The song, ‘Once’, has a heavy John Lennon vibe which isn’t out of the ordinary for a Liam Gallagher track. Though, it seems Liam really has come up with the goods this time around, and on this song he manages to hit an emotional beat that cements ‘Once’ as an instant classic.

Lyrically the song reflects on Liam’s past life and sees him coming to terms with how things have panned out. The song is a real piece of crafted gold in terms of it’s lyrical content; the chorus is infectious and the hook leading into it will draw you in similarly to Gallagher’s ‘For What it’s Worth’ tune.

The song feels like a similar entity to that of ‘For What it’s Worth’ and proves that once again, Liam finds real gold when he records calmer tracks. As much as the rock songs of Oasis are unrivalled for many, this sort of sound always suits Liam’s voice.

Gallagher’s voice sounds youthful and crisp on this song but he doesn’t lose his roots. Just listen out for his rhyming of ‘pool’ and ‘school’; that Manchester accent will never get old.

The release of this song feels perfectly timed and I imagine it’ll get some prominent air time on many a fan’s streaming service account during these long, warm summer nights.

Liam’s album is due for release later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for the full album review here on Mortal Vibrations. But, for now, as you were.

All words by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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  1. The man proves he can still bring it in a live BBC performance of “Once” recorded yesterday 7/28. Check it out on TouYube.

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