Foals – Black Bull – Track Review


British rockers Foals have already had an extremely busy 2019, not only have they been touring and headlining some major festivals around Europe, but they’ve already released a brilliant album a few months back. Well, it turns out they aren’t done just yet and in anticipation to their next LP, they’ve gifted us a taste of what’s to come.

‘Black Bull’ is a monster of a track. It’s crashing waves of heavy-rock hit the listener at an unrelenting pace. The bass sounds filthy, in the best possible way. Yannis Philippakis’ vocal delivery perfectly captures those dirty tones the band are clearly striving for on this upcoming record. This, combined with the distorted instrumentation, breathes a new life into the group and shines a light on a heavier side of them which wasn’t really displayed on their previous release. ‘Black Bull’ sounds like Foals at their most Queens of the Stone Age inspired.

This is the band at their very best, tearing through a song by absolutely melting it down, thrashing their guitars and allowing the bass and drums to be both loud and prominent in the recording. It suggests that the group will look to take a step away from the dancier style of their previous record and inject themselves with a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part 2’ is the Foals project that’s excited me more than anything else they’ve been involved in for a long while. We predicted earlier in the year that this would be a huge year for the group and it seems that this album could really help to cement them as rock legends.

Keep the heavy sounds breathing that Foals infused fire and the band won’t go far wrong!

All words by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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