Lana Del Rey is making some of the coolest music this year

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‘Doin’ Time’ is the latest single to be released by global superstar Lana Del Rey. She seems to be riding a wave with her way of releasing music recently, opting for multiple single releases rather than a full-length album.

The track in question is technically a cover but Lana has made the song her own by putting her signature silky, smooth vocals all over the lyrics. This track is much more upbeat than her other recent releases, allowing her to explore a style she doesn’t tread often enough. Del Rey finds success with most musical stylings at her disposal but this track really elevates her shades of cool.

Like all of her single releases of late, this track is expertly produced. The instrumentation sounds slick and Lana Del Rey’s vocals shimmer in this kind of up-tempo environment. As an artist you can see how she is evolving into a game-changer. No longer is she afraid to reach out and try distributing her work in different ways, finding new styles as she does so. She proved herself right from her first record ‘Born to Die’, which is still her strongest work to-date in my opinion.

Now though, with this new way of releasing her songs to her masses of fans, it’s tempting to say that she may release something that tops her debut album sooner, rather than later. ‘Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have’ was another fantastic output from her this year and I get the feeling that if she decides to release another full-length album somewhere down the line, it could be her best yet.

Some artists just know how to stay on top of the world and this is most definitely one of them, always finding the next trend before others have the time to keep up with her in the pop world. Lana Del Rey is clearly in a massively creative space right now and we’re ready for her to keep rolling out the songs.

Listen to Doin’ Time here:

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