Noel Gallagher – This is the Place – track review

Noel Gallagher - This is the place

Noel proves himself to be the Gallagher brother who prefers to venture out when it comes to releasing new music with colourful, new single ‘This is the Place’.

It could be said that Noel Gallagher is suddenly creating music that share no similarities to what he’s brought out in the past, just to further remove himself from his brother Liam. Though, whatever the reason may be for Noel’s change of style in these recent years, this newest song one of his best efforts at writing a psychedelic jam yet.

‘This is the Place’ shares many elements with the tracks on Gallagher’s last album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, and like that record, it stands Noel’s vocals as high as it holds it’s energetic instrumentation. It really is one of the most colourful and groovy tracks released by the High Flying Birds.

I’m sure hardcore Oasis fans will once again struggle to find what they’re looking for on a track like this but, you have to admire Noel’s experimental work, he could easily pen another ‘If I Had a Gun’ or a follow-up to ‘In The Heat of The Moment’ if he wanted to be back at the pinnacle of success. Though, Noel makes the decision to avoid that and stays true to himself by creating another track that has nothing in common with what’s come before it.

It’s a song that will certainly get you dancing and comes at the perfect time to accompany you in those dingy indie bars on warm, drunken nights this year. So, enjoy the track and give ‘Who Built The Moon?’ another chance while you’re at it. Noel Gallagher is making some great music right now, and if you stick with it, we’re sure you’ll agree too. Also, shoutout to the cover art of the EP for just being cool.

Don’t worry, your ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ cd will still work when you put it on in the car tomorrow.

All words by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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