David Gray – Ground Control Acoustic Sessions – EP review

David Gray - Gold in a Brass Age - Ground Control Acoustic Sessions

David Gray has been treating fans to a different side of his latest record ‘Gold in a Brass Age’, with his newly released ‘Ground Control Acoustic Sessions’. He captures a calmness and a peacefulness that was dwelling just beneath the surface of the aforementioned record.

‘Gold in a Brass Age’ was once an electronic-heavy record, especially compared to the usual natural-sounding standards of Gray. Though, he secures some of his trademark songwriter formula on this latest EP. Kicking things off with ‘A Tight Ship’, David shows off his skills as a pianist and hits all the right notes as he does so. ‘Tonight we dance like no-one sees”, sings Gray, as he powers his way through the poetic opener. A strong start but the EP grows in strength as we delve further into it.

Gray sticks to his faithful piano as he indulges in the next track ‘Mallory’. This song is an emotionally-charged force. Powerful in it’s execution from a vocal standpoint, to the perfect recording, which never loses the magic of it’s strong lyricism. On this song, the Manchester-born artist proves that he’s still capable of penning a brilliant tune or two.

It isn’t until the fourth track ‘Watching The Waves’ that Gray is reunited with his guitar. He strums his way through the song in typical fashion and makes a peaceful rendition of it while doing so. Title track ‘Gold in a Brass Age’ is the best moment of the EP. The song sounds just as strong as it does on the full-length record and shines a heavier light on it’s lyrical genius. The whole EP is a great treat for Gray’s fans as they get to see a big slice of his latest record in a sense that they would have been more familiar with.

‘If 8 Were 9’ closes the EP out in an uplifting style. Gray reaches out vocally, as far as he can reach, and gives the musical package a strong closure. Be sure to check these acoustic renditions out if you were a fan of ‘Gold in a Brass Age’ when it was released, or even if you weren’t, this might turn the record around for you somewhat.

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