DJO – Chateau (Feel Alright) – track review

DJO - Chateau (Feel Alright)

Joe Keery has released his second single under the name of ‘DJO’. He takes a much more chilled-out approach this time around, hitting us with a different string from his musical bow.

The vocals Keery lays down on the track are soft and delicate. As he sings “something about you makes me feel like a kid”, you can’t help but feel like his boyish tones add something unique to his music. He trades power and brashness for a calmer, more distant vocal approach, which ultimately works in his favour and steers him away from modern pop-tropes.

Lyrically, the song is a little long-winded and a bit ‘rambley’ but, it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Much like last years Arctic Monkeys record ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’, it reels you in and holds you while taking its time to tell you a story.

What impresses me with this single is just how different it is to ‘Roddy’, proving that the musician can embrace multiple sides to his art, and create different vibes within his musical output. Though, I believe debut single ‘Roddy’ is a stronger song, packing more of a punch, and taking more chances from a production and songwriting standpoint. ‘Chateau’ is much more relaxed and simplified but, it still manages to squeeze in enough kookiness to make it intuiting to the listener.

At this point I feel if DJO was to release an album, or even an EP, we’d see creativeness in terms of stylisation across the whole package. I can’t see the singer locking himself down to a specific genre, or limiting himself to only writing a certain kind of song. This makes him an exciting, upcoming talent that’s bursted onto the scene from nowhere. This might just be the shakeup pop music is in dire need of today.

DJO is currently one of our favourite artists this year, and is likely to put out even more songs as we travel further into 2019. Mortal Vibrations aims to cover them all. Stay tuned for more news and opinions on the fast-developing artist.

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