Liam Gallagher – One of Us – track review

Liam Gallagher - one of us

Liam Gallagher is going full-throttle towards the release of his second solo album, as he shares yet another track taken from the upcoming ‘Why Me? Why Not?’.

The song ‘One of Us’ has a much more modern feel to it than his previously released tracks. The production of the song itself is particularly of it’s own time. Gallagher’s voice is layered and topped onto itself during the chorus which helps to create a fun, vibrant sound. The track is much more colourful and playful than the likes of ‘Once’, though it doesn’t come close to that level of songwriting.

This is Liam Gallagher sounding more like Coldplay than he ever has done in his career but it’s those more modern influences on the songwriting that are allowing him to change things up in his solo career so far and it allows the audience to see another side to him. It takes his voice to different areas and allows him to filter more into the pop world than he has done in the past.

The song is catchy enough and I’m sure it’ll end up being a staple of future live shows for Gallagher but I doubt it’ll be one of the more memorable moments on the album when it comes out.

While ‘One of Us’ is a fun song, I don’t see it being much more than a filler track on his upcoming record and reminds me greatly of the latest Stereophonics single entitled ‘Fly Like an Eagle’. Both songs leave the listener ultimately wanting something more interesting and more exciting.

The album is due to drop this September and Mortal Vibrations can’t wait to share our full thoughts of it with you when it finally releases.

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