The 1975 – People – track review

The 1975 - people

The 1975 are back with a manic new single entitled ‘People’. The band really love trying new styles and that’s what keeps them exciting to so many fans. They recently debuted the song at Reading and Leeds festival so expect to see it in future live sets.

This new track is the group at their most brash and harsh to date. Lead singer Matty Healy adopts a ‘shouty’ vocal for the track that works for this scenario to an extent but, doesn’t make for the kindest listening experience.

The chorus suggests the lyrical idea was striving for something bigger than it can reach. As Healy sings “People like people. They want alive people. The young surprise people”, you can’t help but meet it with a yawn. The 1975 are clinching at punk sounds of the past but meet it with no real message. Or no decent way of conveying the message anyway.

Swearing in songs can work and at times really add to the emotion of a track but, here it seems to have been added to create a level of edginess. It misses the mark though and there’s no edge to this track at all, it comes across as quite bland, lacking that instinctive creativity the group have displayed in the past.

The track isn’t completely without merit however, the instrumentation is full-blast the whole way through and adds a layer of much needed excitement. The distorted guitars and upbeat drums make for a solid groove; I just can’t look past at how the lyricism lets the song down.

This certainly isn’t the band at their best but, The 1975 often surprise people with the release of their music so expect something else new sooner than later.

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All words by Jared Musson

Jared Musson

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