Bush – Flowers on a Grave – track review

Gavin Rossdale proves he can still pen a clever, heartfelt lyric or two on ‘Flowers on a Grave’ and Bush still sound great while doing so. The single is the group’s most notable work since the 2017 full-length album ‘Black and White Rainbows’.

Bush seem to be attempting at touching base with their rockier roots on this song, which saw them have so much worldwide success in the 90s. While this doesn’t mean the English rockers are looking to go back to the sounds of ‘Sixteen Stone’ or ‘Razorblade Suitcase’, they’re giving the current modern rock approach a bit more bite and edge than could be found in 2017s efforts.

The looping, distorted guitar riff that plays throughout the song sounds catchy and flows nicely into the hectic chorus solo-like instrumentation. The drums aren’t pushed completely out to the background which is always nice to hear on a modern record, and the vocals sound very clear and strong.

Lyrically, the track is really strong and some of the group’s best for a good while. ‘Flowers on a Grave’ isn’t slacking off when it comes to the songwriting strengths it displays, we aren’t just listening to the same three lines over and over again for four minutes, and there’s some great, emotion-filled verses that lead into Bush’s best chorus for quite some time.

The lyrics paint a bleak picture of someone’s life, but have a good amount of fun while doing so. Rossdale belts out “The sadness is the emptiness; we’re shadows in the rain. She covered me in loneliness, like flowers on a grave”, during the chorus and sounds great while doing so.

The song comes with the announcement of a brand new record from the group titled ‘The Kingdom’, which is set to release this summer. It’s great to see an English group making new rock music that isn’t afraid of distortion, lyrics that aren’t solely about partying or generally having a good time, and generally making a large amount of loud noise.

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Listen to the new track and watch the accompanying music video here:

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