The new Mortal Vibrations rating system

From this point onwards Mortal Vibrations reviews will be packed with a score to accompany the written word when discussing albums or individual tracks. We feel this will aid the readers understanding of what we’re trying to convey in our reviews.

The scoring system breakdown can be found here:

0 – Unlistenable

1 – Terrible, stay clear at all costs

2 – Bad, just bad

3 – Rubbish, little to no points of positivity

4 – Under par, most likely wouldn’t recommend

5 – Bang average, leaves us wanting so much more

6 – Okay, a record with promise

7 – Good, a strong record

8 – Great and well worth your time

9 – Fantastic, likely to be up for album of the year

10 – Masterpiece

Now when you see a score out of 10 at the bottom of one of our reviews, you’ll know exactly what we mean by it!

Jared Musson

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