The Killers – Fire in Bone – track review

The Killers – Fire in Bone – track review

‘Killers fans were met with some disappointing news this week as they discovered the upcoming album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ has been delayed to a future, unannounced date, due to everything going on in the world right now. The record was supposed to release this May, but in attempt to soften the blow of this negative news, the group have shared another new tack across all available streaming services.

The song, ‘Fire in Bone’ follows the previously released ‘Caution’, which is a massive ballad-style, story-teller, anthem-sized, modern rock song with hints of older influences. It was what The Killers have come to be known for over the years since debut album ‘Hot Fuss’ came out in 2004. ‘Fire in Bone’ is different though, it doesn’t really feel like the stadium seat filler that we’d usually expect of a ‘Killers single.

The track would likely be well placed on Brandon Flower’s second solo effort, ‘The Desired Effect’, as it has the same hopeful spirit, lyrically looking back on things from the past and simply reflecting on them for a runtime of around four minutes. This is done with a little more grace and style though, it has a nice bass groove and the drums calmly float through the track up until it’s latter, more bombastic stages.

The groove as a whole seems to stem its inspiration from a different set of roots to what’s inspired The Killers’ previous work thus far. The music is legitimately cool, modern-sounding, yet still stays true to what the band actually is somehow.

Flowers doesn’t tell much of a linear story on this song through the use of his lyrics however, instead he opts to throw out his feelings, relying on the listener of the track to catch on to them.

He sings, “I felt ripped off, run down, wrung out, empty, unseen, and preyed upon, I felt fire in bone”.

This basic lyrical idea carries the Las Vegas rockers quite a way though the tune, though they eventually conclude with a bigger hook, which arrives in the shape of a chorus of sorts, which closes out the track with a bigger flurry of dramatics than what’s presented prior to this in the song.

Flowers seems apologetic without actually apologising, as he sings, “And when I came back empty-handed/ You met me in the road/ And you fell on my neck/ And you took me back home/ After all that I took from you/ After all that I put you through/ Here I am”.

Vocally, the frontman sounds as strong as ever. The touch of maturity he added to voice ever since the Battle Born era circa 2012 still remains and it fits these new tracks really well up to this point.

From a musical standpoint, what we’ve heard of this upcoming album so far, it gives off a lot of different vibes, from the sonic sounds of The War on Drugs, to 80s Springsteen storytelling; something the band have found themselves compared to before (Runaways, When You Were Young, etc.).

Keep your eyes here at Mortal Vibrations for all our thoughts on The Killers’ upcoming record, they’ve obviously got much more to come throughout the year.


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