The Killers – My Own Soul’s Warning – review

If you’re looking for a certified banger, look no further than ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’. The Killers have released the third song to be taken from their upcoming album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ and it’s comfortably the best effort from that project thus far.

Upon first listening to this track, my only thought was, “Why oh why did this album have to get delayed?” It has the potential to be their strongest album in quite some years if the promotionally released songs are representative of the rest of the record, which I’m guessing they are. This track in particular however, is the most enjoyable moment from The Killers in recent years.

‘My Own Soul’s Warning’ is an absolute thumper. Right from the moment its distant opening comes to a conclusion, the song flies by like a steam train and doesn’t let up until it reaches its end. It sounds heavily inspired by The War on Drugs in terms of both its sound and production. There could be a possible collaboration here as it shares that same vibe so closely, though I am unaware of the finer details in regards to the making of the track as of yet.

The main thing that I must praise the song so highly for is its ambition. ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’ sounds absolutely gigantic. The lyrical themes it crashes through, the intensely bright sound of the keys all over it, particularly on the main hook, are all screaming with spirit. If you’ve been a fan of The Killers’ past work, I simply cannot envision any reality where you may dislike this song.

Brandon Flowers gives one of his best vocal performances on this track and I believe it’s because he’s allowed to be a little rawer than usual. He doesn’t sound overly polished, which is a problem I had with 2017s ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, though I still enjoyed that record. Here, Flowers is let loose, he displays his fantastic range and the power of his voice, while adding in a tender spark as he bursts out that final “Get back to where you are”.

The bombasity of the track makes it the perfect sound for the stadium-filling tour The Killers have planned for next year (it was rescheduled due to Covid-19). It sounds like it’s set to become a key component of any future live set for the group, and you can see it going standing comfortably, next to the likes of ‘When You Were Young’.

The only reasoning I can think of behind this track not being the first single from ‘Imploding The Mirage’, must be that ‘Caution’ sounds more built for radio. My Own Soul’s Warning is unquestionably the stronger song and actually sounds as it provides a better reflection of where this body of songs are going.

If The Killers have ever made a song that slaps you in the face and demands your attention, it’s certainly this. ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’ feels like a thunderstorm crashing down, not only for the listener, but the band itself. The Killers have never struggled with their musical output, every few years they release a quality album of high calibre, but this record is shaping up to be the best work they’ve done since ‘Sam’s Town’. This track, coupled with the recording of ‘Dying Breed’ that Brandon and Ronnie showed off on an Instagram Live a few weeks ago, has me so hopeful for ‘Imploding The Mirage’.

Here’s to hoping the record is released sooner rather than later. Hats off to the band for this taster though, I’m positive it should have been the first single, regardless of ‘Caution’ possibly being more radio-friendly.


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