The new Mortal Vibrations rating system

From this point onwards Mortal Vibrations reviews will be packed with a score to accompany the written word when discussing albums or individual tracks. We feel this will aid the readers understanding of what we’re trying to convey in our reviews.

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Music Reviews

Weezer (Teal Album) – album review

Weezer are back with a collection of cover songs that shine brightest while the band remain in their comfort zone. After the success they had last year with the release of their version of Toto’s ‘Africa’ (likely thanks to the meme culture that’s currently alive and well on the internet) the group have decided to […]

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Classic Album Review

Sunday Sounds – Ryan Adams – Ashes and Fire

Every Sunday we’ll recommend you a classic album to go back and listen to, helping you to finish off your week in the right way. This week it’s the calmly brilliant ‘Ashes and Fire’ by Ryan Adams. The album opens with ‘Dirty Rain’, which sets the tone for the remainder of the track listing; this […]

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